Side step cycle

Hey everyone,

I was working on this side step animation and I think its done now. Its not looking perfect, but I’m trying my best and I hope I’ll show you even better stuff next time.


Neha H



6 thoughts on “Side step cycle

  1. Hi Neha!

    I can clearly see that you’re improving at a tremendous rate… and I’m glad that you’re doing all these basics. Good work! Keep learning 🙂


  2. hey there,

    nice blog, and nice work too… its good tht you are startin from the basics, only crit i wud for this animation is check your arcs of the head, also i think there is some graph problem… which is why the head is jerking, (for tht refer to victor navone’s spline tuts),,, but hey its really lookin good

    lookin ahead for more updates,

    Chintan Shah.

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